An Edible Revolution

Loliware is a revolutionary new experience – the first and only edible disposable cup that leaves nothing behind. 100% all natural flavors derived from real fruit and vegetables; sans gelatin, gluten, plastic, GMO’s or BPA’s. Made from seaweed, organic sweeteners and flavors and colors derived from fruits and vegetables, these single-use cups are designed to serve room temperature, chilled, or frozen drinks and desserts. 

Featured on Sharktank, Dwell, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Time MagazineThe Guardian, The Wall Street JournalWired Magazine


Working closely with the Loliware team, we audited elements of their existing brand identity, and identified pain points in the visual language, user experience and product packaging. The evolution of LOLIWARE is a bold logo with custom drawn letterforms including a playful emblem. The new sustainable packaging has visible side views that allow the consumer to see the edible cups, taking the mystery out of edible. The vibrant color palette and fresh patterns enhance the LOLIWARE personality.

The Brand Challenge