photo by Silva Design

photo by Silva Design

Chronicle Marketing
Fellowship '14

Since the early years of the Design Fellowship Program at Chronicle Books there has been a promotional poster produced semi-annually for every Fellowship session. This has become a favorite tradition among the designers here and the latest poster is always highly anticipated by designers and Chronicle Fans. As the Marketing and Communication Design Fellow, I designed a poster around the concept of potential "eager beaver" fellows, harkening to the plucky and memorable Wes Anderson film - Moonrise Kingdom. I hand lettered the my headlines, and even based the log type on the 80's slasher cult-classic Sleep Away Camp. By employing my experience screenprinting, I purposefully broke the rules by offsetting the screen traps to show off the printing techniques to capture the attention of a discerning audience. 



As  the Marketing Fellow, I was often tasked with art directing and producing promotional imagery for use as print and interstitial materials. Two of my favorite of the many of these projects was the work I did for the book "Letters of Note," by Shaun Usher, and "Grumpy Cat's - A Grumpy Guide to Life":


Design Lab:
Urban Explorer

Design Lab is a weekly creative workshop with the Design Fellows, lead by Michael Carabetta/Creative Director and Benjamin Laramie/Senior Industrial Designer. The format of each meeting varies based on varying assignments, each of which have various durations, depending on the scope of the assignment. For this assignment, the Fellows designed and  produced a new paper format projects, like the images below: An Urban Explorer badge, and two hand-drawn illustrations of the SF native (and critically endangered) Mission Blue Butterfly (l: female r: male)